The Surfing Competition In Morotai Is Ready To Be Held 95 Percent || Daruba-

The surfing competition at the Morotai Island district level which was initiated by the Morotai Surfing Community (KSM) this year is ready to be held. All preparations for the competition so far are estimated to have reached 95 percent.

This was revealed by the Chairman of the Surfing Competition Committee, Assyura Oemar when confirmed regarding the readiness of the committee for the implementation of a surfing competition in Daruba, Morotai Island, Tuesday (14/03/2020)

"We are ready for the title of this competition, for now the H-1 preparation of the committee has reached 95 percent, while the equipment and equipment are also ready for action in the field," said Assyura Oemar.

Furthermore, he said, this competition is intended to support the growth of the creative industry and increase the visit of local and foreign tourists to Morotai Island Regency.

"Our region has many beautiful tourism potentials to be visited, both cultural tourism, natural tourism, historical tourism and marine tourism. For this reason, through this opportunity we hope that all of us collaborate, synergize, strengthen each other to help promote our region through various ways so that our region will be increasingly known and more and more people come to visit Morotai Island ", pleaded Assyura.


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